illegal immigration

illegal immigrationi
We must stop illegal immigration for America to survive.

Illegal immigration has risen as a top issue of concern among the American electorate over the last 20 years as the levels of both legal and illegal immigration into America have reached historical proportions!

About half of America’s illegal immigrants cross national borders without the required authorization, visas, criminal background checks, medical exams, or terrorism checks which are designed to protect Americans and legal immigrants.  The other half are visa overstays where people violate their pledge to leave America when their visas expire!

There are many problems with illegal immigration ranging from violent crime, drug trafficking, contagious diseases, lost jobs, and taxpayer resources, and this issue has proven to be one of the most contentious in America.

While polls about illegal immigration show clear majorities of U.S. citizens want to fight illegal immigration through the fair but adequate enforcement of existing border and immigration laws, many illegal immigrant backing groups attempt to silence debate on the issue through smears, lies, and name calling.

Our most current illegal immigration statistics indicate there are between 11-22 million illegal aliens in America at this time, although it is hard to get an accurate estimate of how many illegal immigrants are in the US because the Obama administration is violating current immigration laws to turn illegal immigrants into visa recipients or US citizens.

The relationship between Obama and illegal immigration is both complex, unlawful, unconstitutional, underhanded, deceptive, and against the best interests of America and American citizens!

Illegal immigration is having a negative impact on American citizens in many ways and elected officials and politicians are under increasing pressure from the public to stop and reverse the illegal immigration invasion of America.  While at the same time, global corporations and banks are using vast amounts of wealth pushing lawmakers to maintain the status quo of unrestrained illegal immigration, open borders, and the demographic submersion of lawful US citizens.

America’s history of illegal immigration has shown us that any form of amnesty or appeasement for illegal immigrants that rewards them with legal status, work permits, or citizenship will only bring more destructive illegal immigration into America.  That is why the American public and congress have rejected Comprehensive Immigration Reform bills that contained amnesty provisions more than 4 times in the last ten years!

We hope you will invest the time and energy needed to fully research the issue of illegal immigration and learn more about American efforts to protect our nation from this overwhelming problem.  There are many things you will learn that will shock you and leave you upset that the media in America failed to inform you about regarding the perils of illegal immigration.