illegal immigration deportation

Illegal Immigration and illegal immigrant deportation removals

Illegal immigrants roam America freely with little fear or likelihood of deportation. Statistics about illegal immigration show that less than 1% of all illegal immigrants are deported or removed from America and of those, many quickly return across America’s open borders.

Undocumented and unauthorized immigrants often seek attornies and legal help to fight against deportation orders, and many times the Obama administration fosters illegal immigration by releasing illegal immigrants that have committed violent crimes from our jails without deportation!

Deporting illegals was a top priority in the 1920’s through the 1950’s in America and our history of illegal immigration shows that deportation is an effective deterrent.

Here are some of the official claims from the US Government about deportation numbers and the number of illegal immigrants deported from the border areas and interior of the US.

illegal immigration deportation
“The Obama administration inflates deportation numbers to mask their support for illegal immigration

Obama has been caught inflating the illegal immigration deportation statistics by counting same day deportations at our borders where prior administrations did not count those deportations in their stats.

If you are an illegal immigrant that has been ordered to be deported, you are now prohibited from seeking legal entry into the United States for a minimum of 10 years.

The removal process for illegal immigrant deportations in America is very humane, but also very expensive for US taxpayers. Yet, American taxpayers save money by deporting illegal immigrants because more than half of our illegal immigrants receive welfare benefits and cost the federal government more than 125 Billion in taxpayer resources each year!

Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) are responsible for illegal immigration deportations and those agencies are subsidiaries of USCIS aka U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Unfortunately for American citizens that want to see most illegal aliens deported and illegal immigrants prevented from harming US citizens or stealing jobs and taxpayer resources, these agencies are all under the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

illegal immigrant removals
illegal immigrant removals and deportation numbers

The problem with DHS is that it has been packed full of politicians and political appointees that have no law enforcement skills and experience that are more focused on turning illegals into future cheap workers or Democratic Party voters!

Many of the top officials in the Department of Homeland security oppose deportation for illegal immigrants and want to usurp our existing immigration laws with Comprehensive Immigration Reform amnesty that would stop illegal immigration deportations.

American citizens have already weight the illegal immigration pros and cons and have voiced their positions through our elections and the current laws passed by Congress and signed by Presidents.  The penalty for illegally immigrating to the United States is deportation and it serves justice when illegal immigrants are deported.

Illegal immigration and illegal immigrant deportation is an important part of America’s defenses that needs to be used more often to deter illegal immigration.