illegal immigrants

Illegal immigrants are often referred to by many different names including “the undocumented”, “illegal aliens”, “illegal invaders”, “illegals”, undocumented immigrants, unauthorized immigrants, immigrants, refugees, etc…

Illegal immigrants in many nations are often referred to in pejoratives due to negative public reactions to their presence and violations of laws.

illegal immigrants
Americans want illegal immigrants to go home!

Due to the political influences in the US media, the term illegal immigrants has been banned or censored by the Associated Press which has shown a consistent bias in favor of illegal immigrants and amnesty for illegals.

While even immigration enforcement hardliners want illegal immigrants treated fairly and humanely with respect for their human rights, many feel that illegal immigrants should not have US Constitutional rights as they are not under the jurisdiction of that document.

Illegal immigrants are people that make the decision to violate a nation’s laws to enter for their own wants, needs, or gains.  While some illegal immigrants are brought here as children, they are still illegal immigrants and subject to deportation under current US laws along with the adults or relatives that brought them in illegally.

Illegal immigrants often take jobs and taxpayer resources away from native-born Americans and legal immigrants.

Illegal immigrant supporters often mislabel them as “immigrants” in an effort to further the social, legal, economic, and political plans of those fostering illegal immigration in America.

However, most legal immigrants find that practice insulting because illegal immigrants have chosen to not go through the processes legal immigrants endure which includes criminal and terrorism background checks, medical screenings for communicable diseases, fees, taxes, and some proficiency in the English language.

Every illegal immigrant in America is a criminal and has broken US laws and as such is deportable.  Once an illegal immigrant is ordered deported they are prohibited from seeking legal entry into the US for a minimum of 10 years.

illegal immigrant
Our system is not broken! It has been sabotaged by politicians!

Under current US laws, illegal immigrants are not allowed to apply for legal status or refugee status once they are illegally present on US soil.  This leads to the discussion about the many problems created by Obama’s support of illegal immigrants where he has given legal status and citizenship to them in direct violation of the US Constitution and many existing US immigration laws!

Many of the problems caused by illegal immigration occur when illegal immigrants refuse to honor the laws of the nation they invade and refuse to assimilate to the practices, values, culture, and language of the nation they are trespassing upon.

The US Congress and the American public have rejected Comprehensive Immigration Reform for illegal immigrants 4 times in the last ten years because such appeasement of illegal immigrants would only lead to much larger and more destructive waves of illegal immigration.

Any form of appeasement, legal status, guest worker, or temporary worker program would only mean more and who knows how many illegal immigrants in the U.S. in the future.