fight illegal immigration

There are several national and local groups and organizations that are fighting to stop and reverse illegal immigration.  Some groups leading the fight are non-profit organizations that educate and lobby, while others are Political Action Committees.  Some are merely websites or blogs that empower individual leaders or small groups.

Fight illegal immigration
Fight Illegal immigration by joining groups that support America’s existing laws!

Please take the time to research illegal immigration fighting groups, and ignore any smears or distortions you encounter from George Soros funded open borders groups, as you decide which ones to support!

While illegal alien supporting groups like La Raza, MALDEF, LULAC, etc… all receive taxpayer monies to conduct their operations and support illegal immigrants, illegal immigration fighting groups rely on your attention, volunteerism, and donations to operate.

These organizations are working to provide the American public with the illegal immigration facts and illegal immigration statistics needed to understand and address this threat.

Here are many great illegal immigration fighting groups that need your help to address the many problems with illegal immigration!

National Groups

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)
Judicial Watch
Heritage Foundation
Overpasses for America
Truth Revolt
Family Security Matters


World Net Daily
Drudge Report
Rush Limbaugh
Michael Savage
The Blaze
Mark Levin
Laura Ingraham
Jeff Rense
The Daily Caller
Lars Larson Show
Peter Boyles Show
Hot Air

Public Personalities

Michelle Malkin

Dennis Michael Lynch
Joe Arpaio
Ann Coulter
Pat Buchannan
William Gheen


Millennial Giants
Wells Report

State Groups

Arizona Border Recon (AZBR: A Border Watch Group)
Mothers Against Illegal Aliens (MAIA) in AZ
Oregonians for Immigration Reform (OFIR)
NC Listen
NC Fire
Floridians for Immigration Enforcement (FLIMEN)
The Dustin Inman Society (Georgia)
Californians for Population Stabilization
New York ICE
Americans Have Had Enough (South Carolina)
Help Save Maryland
Minnesotans for Immigration Reform (MINNSIR)
New Jersey Citizens for Immigration Control (NJCIC)
The Remembrance Project (Texas)
Immigration Reform Coalition of Texas (IRCOT)
We Want Our Jobs Back (Florida)
Arizona Border Defenders
Washingtonians for Immigration Reform (WFIR)

Informative Sites

End Illegal Immigration
Boycott Bank of America
Against Amnesty
Illegal Immigration Dot Com
Gheen Report
Bill Gheen Blog
William Gheen Blog