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Ending illegal immigration starts with you!

Ending illegal immigration into the United States is a top priority of citizens and lawmakers that are familiar with the many true dangers and harmful effects caused by a lack of adequate immigration and border law enforcement.

While full and accurate information and facts about illegal immigration, illegal immigrants, immigration laws, problems with illegal immigration, and other pros and cons are hard to obtain from biased media sources, this site will attempt to point you in the right direction.

Many Americans that take the time to conduct their own research into these important issues of national survival are often shocked to find out on their own how bad things have become and how much censorship is at work regarding illegal immigration.

The truth is that illegal immigration is costing thousands of Americans their lives each year along with tens of thousands of lost jobs and hundreds of billions of dollars of lost or degraded taxpayer resources including education and healthcare!

Upon closer inspection and research, you will find many major media outlets, banks, global corporations, government agencies, Democrat and Republican lawmakers, Billionaires, and an army of shady organizations all supporting the costly and deadly illegal immigrant invasion of America.

Illegal immigration threatens America’s economic and physical security and our national existence because power groups are bringing in the illegal immigrants for financial gain, cheap labor, and to overturn America’s traditional character and elections by transferring power to globalists, socialists, ethnocentric power groups, and ‘Social Justice Warriors” (SJW).

Illegal immigration and illegal immigrants are being used as a new form of warfare to intentionally displace and replace Americans in our jobs, families, homes, classrooms, communities, and elections.  The bad actors and “stakeholders” that are responsible for this national travesty have a wide range of motivations for their conduct ranging from sheer greed to a desire to see the United States of America permanently altered, degraded, or destroyed.

Whether you are seeking more information about the history of illegal immigration or expert sources on the topic of illegal immigration, this site will strive to provide you with the most accurate and useful sources, articles, facts, and statistics!

Don’t let American apathy, fear, or confusion stop you from learning more and joining the fight against illegal immigration!

Together we can End Illegal Immigration in America!